About Jude Thilman

Jude Thilman brings 15 years’ experience in the cannabis industry and 35 years working in public media education to her activism on behalf of traditional cannabis medicine, culture, and Mendocino’s legacy community. She owns Dragonfly™ Wellness Center, a holistic healing center on the Mendocino Coast, and operates Creative Change Productions, a non-profit dedicated to public education on the values and policies shaping the new legal world of medicinal cannabis.

What about hemp?

Propylene glycol can cause skin irritations; is potentially toxic to the kidneys and liver; is not safe for pregnant women or infants; can produce neurological symptoms, cardiovascular problems, and respiratory issues.

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A New Location Makes Dragonfly a Clean and Gorgeous Place — for YOU

When a group of women got together to start a holistic healing center in December 2011, little did they know, that Dragonfly Wellness Center™ would become a community resource for people seeking pure and potent cannabis medicines. But finding a place to create their vision of a holistic healing center was not so easy.

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