What is Bowenwork?

Bowenwork is a gentle manual therapy that works through the autonomous nervous system to reset the body to heal itself. Bowenwork is completely safe and appropriate for everyone – from infants to the elderly, from athletes to people with chronic conditions. Nothing in Bowenwork is contraindicated for any person or any condition.

Bowenwork is a gentle but amazingly effective modality and has achieved some outstanding results for our patients — even for those who don’t like regular massage.

Proprioceptors, which are sensory nerve receptors located in muscles, tendons and joints, play a large role in keeping your bodies balanced in gravity. When we have an injury or trauma to our physical body, or even to our psychological being, we develop compensatory holding patterns to avoid further pain. These holding patterns, left unchecked, begin a subtle yet unrelenting spread throughout the body, finally manifesting when, for example, one small movement causes our back to seize up or our neck to immobilize. “But I only reached for the soap in the shower!” That’s the last straw, yes, but not the entire story.


In Bowenwork, through the application of targeted, gentle touch, we stimulate the proprioceptors, which send messages to the brain about how we hold ourselves in space. The brain then sends messages back down into the body to initiate an unwinding.

Bowenwork is truly holistic — the complement to complementary therapies. Oftentimes we may apply touch to the knee, and someone’s longstanding shoulder restriction resolves. We stimulate the proprioceptors, and the body’s innate healing intelligence is mobilized to take the liberated energy and use it where the body most requires it.