Patient Testimonials

“My husband, 89, takes 1/2 a dropper, 3x /day of high CBD cannabis tincture. It is effective in regulating the ocular pressure in his glaucoma.”
Marian B., 83 year old caregiver of Dragonfly™ patient
“My severe rheumatoid arthritis is extremely debilitating and painful. I have been to six rheumatologists all over the country. The cannabis arthritis balm from Dragonfly™ has been the most effective anti-inflammatory and pain killer over any pharmaceutical I’ve been prescribed.”
Lynn, Dragonfly™ Patient
“Made a two hour detour, leaving the Cannabis Cup in Sonoma headed north to Redding. Worth every Second! You guys are the Best!”
B. Sims
“Best shop in California by far.” — Good Luck
Michael O.
“I used cannabis capsules for a condition called “fake gout” in which I build up calcium crystals and experience swelling and extreme pain. The cannabis capsules reduced the pain and the swelling much more than Vicodin, steroids and blood thinners.”
David, Dragonfly™ Patient
“I would like to recommend MJ4X. I have very bad psoriasis. MJ2X usually takes care of the problem when it flares up. Jude recommended to add 4x to the 2x to give it a boost. With 1 use the psoriasis was/is clearing up, no more leaking sores! It really works. Thank you Jude and Dragonfly™!
Teddy F.

“I have had type II Diabetes for 16 years and since I started using CBD products my blood sugar has been cut in half. My glucose was 200-300 and now is below 120. I recommend this for type II diabetics.” — Good Luck

“Wonderful 420 Party! Love you guys!
“I have bipolar disorder. Cannabis hash keeps me in the middle – not manic and not depressed. It regulates my moods. Cannabis keeps me from feeling anxiety and from feeling like hurting myself.”
Jarrod, Dragonfly™ Patient
“What a Savior! [visiting] here…and finding the Dragon Fly was a miracle. Bless all you that you may have Peace & Happiness.”
E. Ryan
“Glycerine tincture wonderful for my hips!! Luv it”
JB, Pacifica