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Dragonflyer | Summer/Fall 2013


Over 100 people worked together in Sacramento on August 12th to educate and influence state legislators on behalf of medical marijuana and its inevitable legaliza-tion. Who will shape state medical marijuana policy? What will the “tax and regu-late” look like? The answers to these questions will in [...]

Dragonflyer | Fall 2012


Where can you get an Acupuncture treatment for $15 – $40 sliding scale? And where can you find an introductory rate of $60 for an hour of deep tissue, make-you-feel-like-new, full body massage ? Belly Dance, Yoga or T’ai Chi for $10? How about a free Digestion Clinic — a check on whether you are getting the most out of your food?

Dragonflyer | May/June 2012


Dragonfly Wellness Center is off to a Dragon-flying start! Encouraged by an overwhelmingly positive community response, we are growing by leaps and bounds: we now have a yoga class on Wednesdays 6—7:30 pm and Sundays 9:30—11:00 am. Massages and lymphatic treatments are happening and popular.