Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis and cancer research is what you will see in this book ! Medical marijuana is chemotherapy, natural style, for all cancer patients.

NEW YOGA CLASS Starting September 16

...methods integrate 40 years of experience with realignment, regeneration and pain.

Are Foods Causing Inflammation?

... one of the major causes of pain comes from foods that you eat.

Herbs and Medicinals

Bluebird Herbals, Harvest Moon Farms Lavender, Chinese Herbs and pills, Traditional Medicinals, locally harvested seaweed, among other products are part of our holistic treatment of […]

Health Wisdom: Returning to our Roots

The April/May 2014 issue of the AARP Magazine informs us that heart disease, cancer, diabetes and […]

The Holistic Healing Umbrella

The concept of a Wellness Center “umbrella” which houses a variety of healing medicines and practices is a unique hallmark of what Dragonfly™ offers the Coast community and those who visit us.

The Evolving Medical Cannabis Field

As far as other neurological issues are concerned, there has even been a study suggesting that CBD may prove effective in the management of dyskinesia associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Marijuana Compounds Could Help Combat Cancer (If Only They Were Legal)

Cannabinoids are unique, organic compounds in the cannabis plant that have been found to have therapeutic properties.