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About Jude Thilman

Jude Thilman brings 15 years’ experience in the cannabis industry and 35 years working in public media education to her role as a cannabis medicine educator. She owns Dragonfly™ Dispensary and Wellness Center, a holistic healing center in northern California.

Dosing Your Medicine, Part 2

Cannabis (medical marijuana) is an ancient herb, with its healing effects recorded over 5,000 years ago. Over 93% of its chemical compounds have no psychotropic effect. Cannabis is simply an herb, not a drug. Herbs are gentle, natural compounds that prompt your body’s own healing processes to address the illness, condition or “dis-ease” you are experiencing.

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Dosing Your Medicine, Part 1

With herbal medicine, more than any other health care treatment, the patient needs to be in charge of her dose. The rule of dosing all herbal medicine, cannabis included, is that it is individuated. One person’s dose may not work for the next person, even if they are both treating the same condition.

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